A sensational views of Iguazu falls

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views of Iguazu falls:

In modern life Victoria Falls name is stolen by Iguazu falls. The Victoria Falls is located between Zambia and Zimbabwe in southern Africa and Iguazu falls is located at the border of Brazil and Argentina and gives more looks to the falls.

The river gets high level of density at the time of January-march. At the time the river looks great and pleasant. In recent days the night time travel to Iguazu falls is restricted the permission is given for only for the pre planed to walk on full moon lights. And the advantages of the boat tours are helps to view the platforms and the wealth views. This kind of travel separates the experienced traveler at the sight seeing place. The river that falls from the height it looks great and spectacular to the eyes and we can enjoy a lot while going a trip to Iguazu falls.

To see iguazu falls either the people can stay at Brazilian hotels or argentine side of hotels. Here are some good hotels to stay near at Iguazu falls is as follows. 1. Sheraton international Iguazu resort

2. Mabu Thermas and resort

3. Bourbon Iguassu Golf club and resort

4. Cataratas hotel Iguazu resort

Sheraton international iguazu resort:

In this hotel 176 guest rooms is present and it costs heavily and also conducting business traveler meeting and event is done here.

Mabu Thermas and resort:

The Mabu Thermas and resort is situated at Gurani aquifer and it is the world’s biggest pool, the people can go to the falls on Brazilian side, resorts for adult and children with lot of special packages covers to that year.

Bourbon Iguassu Golf club and resort:

This hotel deals with the golf club, pools, tennis, restaurants etc and lots more to enjoy.

Cataratas hotel Iguazu resort:

Cataratas hotel Iguazu is 15 minutes walk from Iguazu falls. And this hotel has the facilities like 120 rooms and restaurants, snack bar international cuisine. And it is located at the Argentina side.

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